Kerala Handicraft

If you’re in Trivandrum, the capital of the souther state of Kerala, the best place to buy wooden handicraft is from SMS institute. This is a Government run shop which sells all kinds of wood carvings, copperware, cane and bamboo furniture and crafts, lacquer ware etc.

You get wide selection of handi crafts made of coir, coconut shell, wood and also brass items. There are also wall hangings, coir handbags, shopping bags etc..

One popular gift item is the Kathakali face made in wood\paper pulp. It’s the perfect souvenir as the reminder of your  kerala visit.

Prices starts from just Rs 25 and runs across to thousands of Rs depending upon the size and type of product.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Wood Craft India. This blog includes all the items I’ve on sale in my shop and other items collected from small artisans from South India.

Get all the traditional wooden items from my online store. Order it and get it delivered to your door within 14 days.

Intention of this store is to promote the work of individual crafts men who craft unique and generic wood based statues based on South Indian theme.

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